25 April 2018

IFFCO starts selling urea in 45 kg bags

IFFCO has starts selling urea in 45-kg bags in the Katihar district and become first urea company to do so.

The government has notified that urea, the highly subsidised fertiliser, will be sold in the market in a 45-kg bag instead of 50-kg from 1st Mar. 2018. The government has also permitted fertiliser companies to sell the old stock of 50-kg bags for next two months.

The purpose is to reduce urea consumption and promote balanced use of fertilisers. Since urea is cheaper than other fertilisers, farmers are using this product widely.

Normally, farmers use urea by counting number of bags for each hectare of land. When farmers are told to reduce the number of 50-kg bags, they do not listen. So, the government has decided to promote use of 45-kg bag as a trick to reduce consumption.

A 45-kg urea bag will be sold at Rs 242 excluding taxes, a government notification said.

The price is determined on the basis of government's fixed price of Rs 5,360 per tonne. The Centre bears the difference between the maximum retail price (MRP) and cost of production.

31 December 2016

29 October 2016

US based firm Stonetek Energy plans India's first coal-based urea plant worth Rs 6,000 crore in Chandrapur, Nagpur

The proposed plant will be first of its kind, which will produce urea from coal. Coal based fertilizer manufacturing with coal gasification technology is going to be implemented for the first time in the country, with lower production cost and minimal emission. This urea will be cheaper in cost and farmers will get  urea in less rates. This coal-urea is going to be available Rs 10,000 per tonne cheaper than present rates.

Maharashtra Government has already allotted a piece of land to the US based firm, and Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) has agreed for coal linkage to the proposed plant. Coal is available in abundance in Vidarbha Region.

Presently urea manufacturing units  are either gas based on naphtha based and both the process are costly than this new technology of producing urea from coal. The technology is eco-friendly and being implemented in Chandrapur as a pilot plant. Once it is successful, it could be replicated in other plants.

Hopefully the project would start producing urea in 36 months.

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