03 October 2015

KRIBHCO announced to set up a P& K fertilizer plant in Andhra Pradesh

The cooperative giant Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) currently produces urea fertilizer. Now the company is entering into another variant of fertilizer production. The farmers' cooperative giant has announced to set up a Phosphoric and Potassic (P& K) fertilizer plant at Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh with a total investment of Rs 1000 Crore.

At present, KRIBHCO has one urea plant in Hazira in Gujarat having an annual capacity of 2.2 million tonnes. The other plant Shyam-KRIBHCO is in Shajhanpur in Uttar Pradesh in partnership with the Shyam group having a capacity of 1 million tonnes and the third plant in Oman in partnership with IFFCO.

The Andhra Pradesh government is offering power at Rs 1 per unit for next 10 years, VAT exemption for next 7 years and host of other incentives for establishing new units in the state. To get the benefits of these offers KRIBHCO will establish its first P&K fertiliser plant in the state and will save about Rs 500 crore.    

The Krishnapatnam Phosphoric and Potassic (P& K) fertilizer plant will produce 6 lakh tonnes of P& K fertilizer annually. It will take 4-5 years for the project to become operational. There are also plans to increase the capacity of this plant in the second phase and take the total annual capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per annum.

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02 October 2015

Kanpur Fertilizers & Cement Limited (KFCL) will invest Rs 1100 crore to increase production

Kanpur based Jaypee group's urea producing company Kanpur Fertilizers & Cement Limited (KFCL) has announced to invest Rs 1100 crore for modification of the plant and a new unit to be established.

KFCL's Vice President Brigadier K.S. Rao has informed the media that Kanpur Fertilizer which were earlier known as Duncans Fertilizer was closed for about 10 years. The company started production again in May 2013 under the name of KFCL and with the same brand name Chand Chhap.

Currently company producing 7 lakh 20 thousand tonnes of urea per annum (tpa). It will increase to 11 lakh tonnes per annum (tpa) after completion of modification. The government has allotted 7.8 million calorie gas per annum to the company to produce the urea. KFCL produced 63761 tonnes of urea in September 2015.

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30 September 2015

Innovative way to improve uptake of nutrients is Urea Deep Placement (UDP)

USA based company International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is working on developing innovative procedures to improve nutrients uptake and at the same time reduce external impacts. The company CEO Amit Roy says that there is a lot of scope to innovate in the fertilizer sector.

The company has developed model called Urea Deep Placement (UDP) model. In this model prilled urea is compacted into larger briquettes of urea, which are then implanted deeper into the soil, at around 7-10cm depth. This model has been used successfully in rice farming in Bangladesh. With this innovative method the nitrogen consumption has been reduced by 30-35% and rice yields has been increased by 15-18%.

The technology we are using at present had been developed in the USA over 30 years ago. Now the time has come to produce more food as the world population is increasing. So its the need of time to innovate new methods to improve production.

Urea Deep Placement (UDP) model is now ready to use in Africa and across Asia after being successfully implemented in Bangladesh.

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