13 November 2012

IFFCO Paradeep applied an environment impact assessment report to Ministry of Environmemnt

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) Paradeep preparing itself to commission its third sulphuric acid plant (SAP) at its fertilizers complex at Paradeep in Orissa within 30 months from the date of grant of environmental clearance.

In the environment impact assessment report prepared for securing green nod, IFFCO has stated that this Rs 500-crore plant would have a capacity of 2000 tonnes per day (tpd). It would be installed adjacent to two existing SAPs, each with a capacity of 3500 tpd.

IFFCO currently imports intermediate sulphuric acid (SA) to meet the shortfall in its in-house production and to sustain production of phosphoric acid, which is used for production of diammonium phosphate (DAP).

The EIA report says that with the production of 20,79,000 tpa of SA (90% capacity utilization) from the old plants and 6,60,000 tpa from the new SAP, IFFCO will be able to produce 27,39,000 (20,79,000+6,60,000) tpa of SA, which will correspond to a production of DAP/NP equivalent to 18,18,645 tpa.

With 95% capacity utilization of three SAPs, IFFCO would be able achieve a targeted production of 1.92 million tpa of DAP, nitrophosphate and NPK fertilizers.

IFFCO would utilize sulphur muck from proposed project as filler in DAP plant which increases the sulphur content in DAP fertilizer.

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