10 June 2013

Matix Fertilisers gets permission to expand its CPP's capacity

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) has given approval to a proposal of Matix Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (MFCL) for expanding its capacity of CPP from 33 MW to 54 MW. The Ministry also approved some othe amendments related to environment. In this regards the Ministry stated that the treated effluent shall be discharged into the River Damodar after conforming to the standards prescribed for the effluent discharge and obtaining permission from the WBSPCB. No process effluent shall be discharged in and around the project site.

The Ministry also clarifies that the effluent generation from the cooling tower, oily water and DM plant effluent shall not exceed 201 m3/hr. All the effluents after treatment shall be routed to a properly lined guard pond/holding pond for equalization and final control. In the guard pond/holding pond, automatic monitoring system for flow, and relevant pollutants (i.e. pH, ammonical nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen etc) shall be provided with high level alarm system.

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