30 September 2015

Innovative way to improve uptake of nutrients is Urea Deep Placement (UDP)

USA based company International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is working on developing innovative procedures to improve nutrients uptake and at the same time reduce external impacts. The company CEO Amit Roy says that there is a lot of scope to innovate in the fertilizer sector.

The company has developed model called Urea Deep Placement (UDP) model. In this model prilled urea is compacted into larger briquettes of urea, which are then implanted deeper into the soil, at around 7-10cm depth. This model has been used successfully in rice farming in Bangladesh. With this innovative method the nitrogen consumption has been reduced by 30-35% and rice yields has been increased by 15-18%.

The technology we are using at present had been developed in the USA over 30 years ago. Now the time has come to produce more food as the world population is increasing. So its the need of time to innovate new methods to improve production.

Urea Deep Placement (UDP) model is now ready to use in Africa and across Asia after being successfully implemented in Bangladesh.

Stay tuned to Fertilizer News for getting more details on Urea Deep Placement (UDP) model ! 

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