28 September 2015

USA scientists have discovered a nano particle based phosphorus fertilizer

There is lot of research is going on in the field of nano particles. At the University of Delaware at Newark USA, scientists have discovered a nano particle namely Hydroxy Apatite Nano particles (HANPs). This nano particle shows a unique behavior of slowing the release of phosphorous in soil. So it could be used as phosphorus nano fertilizer.

The nano particle based phosphorous fertilizer has three major advantages over conventional phosphorous fertilizer.
1. It does not release phosphorous as quickly as the conventional fertilizers.
2. It does not change the soil pH upon phosphorus release and the loss of phosphorous from soil is low.
3.The slow and steady release of phosphorus allows plants to continuously take up the nutrient as they grow.

Stay tuned to Fertilizer News for getting more details on Nano Particle based Phosphorous Fertilizer !

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